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You can get more good spray days with an Arylex™ active herbicide - and we have the data to prove it.

Select your province and the closest town or city from the dropdown menu to see exactly how many more spray days you could have had if you used an Arylex herbicide this year. Most products can't be sprayed with minimum temperatures under 5°C, but products with Arylex can.

The chart will show the total precipitation, minimum temperature and maximum temperatures for each day in June. The days with over 1/2" of precipitation or under 0°C were non-spray days, and those with under 1/2" of precipitation and over 5°C minimum temperature were good spray days for any products. It's the ones in between - under 1/2" precipitation and between 0°C and 5°C minimum temperatures - that Arylex herbicides give you the freedom to spray where most other products will make you wait.

Find your area and see for yourself how many more spray days you could've had with an Arylex herbicide.

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